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Get Out Your Shorts and Sandals!

It’s SUMMER again.  Time to find all those books you meant to read last winter but didn’t have enough time to enjoy.  There may even be some holiday gifts that never got your time and attention. Now is the perfect time to rectify that.  Join me and all the gang at PPL in welcoming in the season of leisure and reading!

Jan readingSummer Reading Club for youth is heating up (if you’ll pardon the pun).  The theme, READING IS SO DELICIOUS! promises to be a great one.  There are all kinds of food-centered programs for youth and teens.  Be sure to take advantage of several.  You never know if one of the youth enjoying the program with you is, in fact, our next super chef.  There are also favorite returning programs, like the ever-popular animal presentations, storytellers, tales and tunes, and others to delight.  Summer Reading Club (SRC) is a great way to ensure that students return to school next fall with all their skills intact, having lost nothing over the course of summer vacation.  Studies prove to us that SRC participants stay engaged with their own learning during the summer and are more likely to succeed in their next grade.  So be sure the kids you love are part of the fun.

Planning a “staycation” this summer?  Take advantage of our DVD’s, self-paced learning tools, California travel information, and other materials to make your time at home a wonderful break.

We’re working hard to ensure that your library experience is the best possible.  Look for some great enhancements coming in the fall.  Until then, enjoy the season, your time, your hobbies, your friends, your family, and all that life has to offer.  See you at the library!


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